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HME Filters
HME Filter - Bac / Viral Filter - Paediatric HME
Bac./Viral Filter

Single use on anesthetized patients and respiratory care patients who require a breathing circuit.

This product is custom made for MBS


Product ID: MBS 1802

• Resistance to flow (cm H2O)
    o at 30L/min: <1.0cm H2O
    o at 60L/min: <2.5cm H2O
    o at 90L/min: <3.5cm H2O
• Dead space (connectors included - ISO 9360): 35ml
• Weight: 19g
• Bacterial filtration efficiency: 99.99674%
• Viral filtration efficiency: 99.99362%
• Filtration media: Electrostatic
• Sampling Port: V
• Tidal Volume: 150 ~ 1500ml
• Sterile: Gamma/E.O Gas
• Patient: Adult

• Single use light weight device, minimizes dead space maintaining efficiency.
• Electrostatic Hydrophobic media protects against cross-contamination.
• May be placed at patient or equipment side.
• End tidal CO2 sampling port offers convenient access to monitor airway gases.
• Lightweight, compact design reduces circuit weight.
• Low resistance to flow minimizes work of breathing.
• ISO standard 15mm and 22mm fitting connects to breathing circuit.
• Bacterial and Virus Filtration efficiency of filter media are tested and Performed at Nelson    Laboratories, Inc. according to Procedure No. 48061 for BFE and Procedure No. 920694-1,    Laboratory No. 48060 for VFE. Machine end.

• Our FILTERS & HME’S are manufactured out side India and our manufacturer carries following certificates: FDA EN46002 ISO 9001



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