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HME Filters
HME Filter - Bac / Viral Filter - Paediatric HME


Paediatric HME

Paediatric (tidal volume 50-600ml), single patient use on anesthetized patients and respiratory care patients who require a breathing circuit.

This product is custom made for MBS


Product ID: MBS 1801

• Tidal Volume: 50-600ml
• Temperature (ISO 9360)
     o Vt 50ml: >29°C
     o Vt 150ml: >29°C
     o Vt 250ml: >29°C
     o Vt 600ml: >29°C
• Absolute Humidity
     o Vt 50ml: >31mg H2O/L
     o Vt 250ml: >30mg H2O/L
• Dead Space: 12ml
• Weight: 10g
• Patient: Pediatric
• Sterile: Gamma/E.O Gas

• HME sized for pediatric use reduces set-up time, minimizes dead space and weight while    maximizing efficiency.
• Hygroscopic membrane traps patient's moisture providing effective airway humidification.
• Low resistance to airflow minimizes work of breathing.
• Effective moisture control reduces the risk of colonization in breathing tubes and minimizes    sampling line blockage.
• End tidal CO2 sampling port offers convenient access to airway gases.
• ISO standard 15mm and 15mm fitting connects with breathing system.



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